Beyond Inclusion: Reconsidering Policies, Curriculum, and Pedagogy for Roma Students


  • Maja Miskovic Concordia University Chicago
  • Svjetlana Curcic University of Mississippi


European Roma students, European Union policy, inclusion, curriculum for minority, educational policy for minority


This paper investigates the policies and politics of including European Roma students in mainstream educational systems within the context of two European Union (EU) policies: the Decade of Roma Inclusion (2005-2015) and EU National Roma Integration Strategies (2013-2020). Drawing on the scholarship about inclusion and its practical achievements, we examine the tensions between policy planning and policy implementation. We conclude that there is a discrepancy between what inclusion represents in current educational discourse and how inclusive efforts are working (or not) for Roma students.

Author Biographies

Maja Miskovic, Concordia University Chicago

Maja Miskovic is an associate professor and Director of the Division of Research and Doctoral Studies at Concordia University, Chicago, IL. Her research focuses on the social and cultural contexts of racial and ethnic identity construction, within interpretive and critical research paradigms.

Svjetlana Curcic, University of Mississippi

Svjetlana Curcic an assistant professor in the School of Education, University of Mississippi, Oxford, MS. Her research interests in literacy focus on students with disabilities and second language learners.




How to Cite

Miskovic, M., & Curcic, S. (2016). Beyond Inclusion: Reconsidering Policies, Curriculum, and Pedagogy for Roma Students. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 18(2), 1–14.



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