Direct Instruction Model as the Basis of Solfeggio Learning At the First Year Students of Padang State University


  • Jagar Lumbantoruan, Elsina Sihombing Padang State University, Padang City Indonesia.


Direct instruction, Basis of learning, Solfeggio learning electronic banking, Adoption of electronic banking, Factors Effecting Electronic banking.


The study aims to explore about the students' music learning circumstances, of which they have low skill and knowledge of solfeggio, low ability of transferring solfeggio automatically into a new context although they have learned it, unavailability of learning material, syllabus, and lesson plan, standardized method and media of learning. From the problems ststed abobe, the writer would like to overcome such a problem dealing with learning solfeggio which lasting and producing a complete, practical, reliable and valid curricula of solfeggio. to develop the method of learning, the writer used ADDIE model as the basis of development. This research belongs to R&D research, and the subject of the research was the students of art and music department, FBS Padang State University. As the instrumentation of the research were; interview, questionnaire, tryout, performancetest. To analyze the raw data in order to see the level of reliability and practicality the formula used by Rho Spearman Brown, and the result was that r-obtain 1.2 exceeds r-table researchers within a significance level of 95% (0.05) it was found 0.349 or by a significant level (0.01) it was found 0.449. To prove the practicality of the developed method, the writer distinguishes the data from pre-test to post-test by accumulating the scores the students obtained by using match t-test, and the result is that t-obtain 9,311 exceeds t-table 1,697 . It means that, the model of learning solfeggio as the product of this research is much more effective significantly since the result of the match t-test is so high exceeding the number of the t-tab. It can be concluded that this model is very useful for lecturers and students as well in learning solfeggio at the music department of FBS Padang State University in the academic year of 2015/2016.

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Jagar Lumbantoruan, Elsina Sihombing
Padang State University, Padang City Indonesia.




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Jagar Lumbantoruan, Elsina Sihombing.(2023). Padang State University, Padang City Indonesia. 28(1), 100–127.



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