Factors Affecting Adoption of Electronic Banking System of Baking Industry Inmogadishu- Somalia


  • Sadio Yusuf Hassan, Hamdi Jama Faculty of Accountancy, SIMAD University.


Electronic banking, Adoption of electronic banking, Factors Effecting Electronic banking.


This study's objective was to investigate the elements that contributed to the baking business in Mogadishu, Somalia, adopting an electronic banking system. Quantitative research methods were used in this investigation. A total of 60 people from Mogadishu who routinely utilize and are acclimated to e-banking services made up the study's target demographic. Financial Direct, the chief cashier or cashier, the accountant, the clients, and other companies that use the e-banking platform in Mogadishu, Somalia, gave information via a questionnaire, and the data was acquired from these users and other system users. After that, the data was examined utilizing a descriptive study strategy and SPSS version 16.0. According to the study's findings, the degree of expertise and dependability of the system are the two most important elements influencing whether or not financial institutions, notably some in Mogadishu, will accept e-security banking. As a result, the effectiveness of electronic banking is improved by the level of customer care provided by organizations who provide the technology. The overall mean, which is very good, indicates that there is a significant relationship between customer satisfaction with the electronic banking system and the standard of service provided by e-banking providers.

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Sadio Yusuf Hassan, Hamdi Jama
Faculty of Accountancy, SIMAD University.




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Sadio Yusuf Hassan, Hamdi Jama.(2023). Faculty of Accountancy, SIMAD University. 12(1), 128–139.



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