Psychological experience of Covid-19 patients during quarantine: A qualitative study.


  • Gulnaz Banu, Dr. Mansoor Ghani, Samina Kausar, Rubina Khurshid, Tanzeel Ul Rahman, Amir Aftab
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Covid-19, Quarantine, Psychological Experience, Anxiety.


The ongoing restrictive measures and emotional suffering related to COVID‐19 pandemic have potentially led thousands of people to experience a decrease in socio‐economic status as well as increased levels of psychological stress. The objective of the study was to explore the psychological experience of COVID-19 patients regarding the quarantine period. Qualitative exploratory phenomenological approach was used, Data was collected from confirmed case of COVID-19 who were quarantined and fulfill the inclusion and exclusion criteria by using semi-structured interview guide. The in-depth interviews were conducted face to face. These in-depth interviews were recorded and were further transcribed and then analyzed by using thematic analysis. Qualitative analysis of the interview findings was categorized into six overarching themes. Mainly these themes were, 1) First response to the COVID-19 disease among the participants, 2) Development of unpleasant emotions among the quarantined COVID-19 patients, 3) Experience of Fear and stress among them, 4) Death Anxiety among the participants due to high mortality rates from corona disease, 5) Perceptions of Social and Psychological support which helped them in successful recovery and stability, and 6) Post discharge concerns and Problems which they are going to face after moving homes from the hospital. In conclusion it was found that patients' psychological experiences during the COVID-19 crisis were complicated, involving COVID-19-related mental distress symptoms, expectations for their postdischarge lives, and attempts to make sense of their experiences.

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Gulnaz Banu, Dr. Mansoor Ghani, Samina Kausar, Rubina Khurshid, Tanzeel Ul Rahman, Amir Aftab






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