Evaluate the effects of customized interventions on parent’s ability to deal a child with congenital adrenal hyperplasia.


  • Firdous Hameed, Hajra Sarwar, Muhammad Afzal
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Congenital adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), Parents ability Sick day, customized interventions


Background: Congenital adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) is a serious endocrine disorder which runs in families in an autosomal recessive manner. It is a group of disorders in which there is a defect in cortisol production. Material& methods: Qusai-experimental two group study (Control & interventional) group was used. Study was conducted at Fatima memorial Hospital Lahore. Purposive sampling technique was used on110 parents equally divided into two groups. Data was collected through Parents’ ability assessment questionnaire. Interventions were given by teaching and providing booklet regarding disease management. Results: Comparison of Pre & Post ability Categories of control group majority of parents were mothers (90.9%, n=50) had poor ability in care of child with CAH in pre intervention scores which remained almost the same without any intervention after the 4 months (87.3%, n=48). Interventional group results revelled a significant change (92.7 , n=51) with p value (p < 0.005). After 4 months of educational interventions parents had good ability to care a child with CAH while results were very poor (0%, n=0%) in parents without any intervention. Conclusion: conclusion of the study was that parents who received educational interventions their children had good quality of life and in return their repeated hospital admission was also reduced. Recommendations: Retrospective studies should be conducted to analyses previous data. Sample size should be greater as many parents refuse to give data so study takes more time to collect the data. Study settings should be diverse to compare the post data results in different settings.

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Firdous Hameed, Hajra Sarwar, Muhammad Afzal






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