Comparison of clinical placement in Bachelor of Science in nursing internees of public and private institutions based on Pakistan nursing council guidelines


  • Muhammad Hassan, Ms. Hajra Sarwer, Prof. Muhammad Afzal, Ms. Madiha Mukhtiar
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Internees, Clinical Placement. Nursing Council, Mandatory, Remuneration


Background: The aim of the study to compares clinical placements of BS Nursing internees in public and private sector institution based on Pakistan Nursing Council internship policy as mandatory for license; Methods and Material: The study was conducted in Islamabad, Lahore, and Peshawar 187 internees who had undergone clinical placement during the year 2022–2023, Data was gathered using researcher self-made questionnaire to assess and compare clinically affiliated Hospital and internees’ socio‐ demographic data, pattern of the placement and perception of the interns. Design: This is Comparative Descriptive study. Results: The study indicates that there is a higher number of female interns in Private Sector Hospitals in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) compared to KPK Private Sector College male internees 27.3% struggled to find clinical placements after BS Nursing graduation, with only 1.1% following the Nursing Council guidelines. The majority (44.9%) did not receive remuneration (Paid Internship) and had difficulties during their internship year. Ineffective supervision and inadequate feedback hindered professional learning facilities and scope of work. Conclusion: The study suggests that future internship program planning, assessment, monitoring, and surveillance can be improved, particularly for institutions lacking clinical placements, as the compulsory clinical placements inclusively unvivid and compromised.

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Muhammad Hassan, Ms. Hajra Sarwer, Prof. Muhammad Afzal, Ms. Madiha Mukhtiar






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