Empowering education: the transformative impact of information communication technologies on teaching and learning


  • Nisar Ahmad, Dr. Arif Alam, Dr. Ikram Shah
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Higher education in 21st century, Teaching and learning, Educational technologies, ICT integration


The widespread adoption of information and communication technologies (ICTs) has significantly impact the global education system. Developing countries have also experienced an increasing trend in ICT and e-learning usage over the past decade including Pakistan. Implementation of ICT in the process of learning is considered to be the wide range reform in the education sector. Educational policy of Pakistan has specifically emphasized the integration of ICTs and technology-based teaching in schools and universities. Moreover, the national professional standards for teachers encourage the use of ICTs in classrooms and the development of e-learning platforms for teaching and learning. Therefore, this study aims to measure the influence of ICT determinants on teaching & learning in higher education institutions (HEIs) in the Hazara region, Pakistan. This region is characterized as an underdeveloped and marginalized. Data was collected through questionnaire from a sample size of 323 including both faculty and students. Mix method approach, Relative Importance Index (RII), thematic analysis and Binary logistic regression have been used in this study, using SPSS (version-27) to analyze the data. It was found that ICT determinants like availability and usability have positive influence (P <.05) on teaching whereas accessibility, usability and usefulness have positive influence on learning respectively. RII findings also highlights that the use of internet and computer improve students learning and help teachers in getting supportive materials for teaching. Therefore, policy recommendations will help decision makers to create favorable framework as well as future course of action for effective ICT integration at underdeveloped and marginalized regions.

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Nisar Ahmad, Dr. Arif Alam, Dr. Ikram Shah






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