Human rights violations in the criminal justice system of Pakistan: wrongful convictions, torture, and unfair trials.


  • Dr. Shazia Kiyani, S M Mudeel Raza Jurgees, Ali Shahid
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Wrongful Convictions, Torture, Unfair Trails, Justice System, HRCP.


This article digs into the problems in Pakistan's justice system, showing how real people are affected. In a country where justice should be solid, things like wrongful convictions, torture, and unfair trials have hurt individuals and society as a whole. These aren't just legal mistakes; they're stories of people's lives falling apart, bringing a lot of pain to them and their families. The dark cloud of torture and abuse during custody is a big issue, emphasizing the need for transparency and accountability. Unfair trials, where people don't get proper legal help and face long waits before trial, go against the core ideas of justice. Thankfully, groups in Pakistan are working hard to make things better, but there are still challenges in getting government plans to work well. Looking from an international viewpoint, organizations like the United Nations are crucial in pushing for human rights in Pakistan. To sum it up, it's really important to tackle these issues. We need solid changes in the laws, careful oversight, and strong support from the international community to build a justice system that truly follows the principles of fairness and respect for everyone.

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Dr. Shazia Kiyani, S M Mudeel Raza Jurgees, Ali Shahid






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