The effect of homework on the achievement of Arab students in mathematics in the Israeli Arab society


  • Wafiq Ali Hibi Head of the Department of Mathematics - Sakhnin College – Israel


homework on the achievement


Homework given to students by Math teacher, allows students to review daily themes, enhance their comprehension of arithmetic ideas and problem-solving skills, learn from past mistakes, and get ready for assessments. Although homework is considered a good way to improve students' learning ability, the value and relevance to students' achievements is debatable; teachers disagree on the real contribution of homework to students' progress. While some instructors assign homework regularly, others seldom use it. In fact, some teachers believe that homework should be outlawed in elementary schools, these teachers perceive homework a waste of time for all involved. Teachers have been assigning homework to children for a long time, yet the impact of homework on student progress is debatable, as previous studies of homework benefit shown inconclusive results: some studies found that homework positively, while others found that homework affect student success negatively. Previous studies of homework connection to student progress, particularly in math education, has yielded mixed results. For example, Keith, looked at the academic accomplishment of high school pupils and the time they spent on homework, and found a favourable correlation in all educational levels, while other studies discovered negative overall connections between students' academic progress and time allotted to homework. Some studies, like those of; Ladson Homework in Mathematics is a common instructional practice aimed at motivating the students thereby developing their skills (Radović et al., 2019). It enables the student to repeat and exercise new material, improves the students' performances, and facilitates parents' involvement. This study, examines is used for the influence of Mathematics homework in the student performance in the case of four different schools by using hierarchical multiple regression analysis, taking into account the optimal homework frequency of the schools. The findings indicate that homework frequency affects the performance of ninth grade students. The findings also show that a recent change in homework approach in the period 2016 to 2021m improved students' achievements in three of the four schools that participated in the study.

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Wafiq Ali Hibi Head of the Department of Mathematics - Sakhnin College – Israel

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